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DELFIN and Magnetic Freedom Global Communities

In 1995, Leslie Fieger and I co-founded a company called DELFIN International, with a vision of contributing in our way to the personal and financial empowerment of thousands of people worldwide.

That vision quickly unfolded into a global community of over 10,000 like-minded people, and a wildly successful product line of original personal development books, CDs, eBooks, seminars and online internet marketing business, producing over $60 million in affiliate earnings.

At the beginning of 2006, I followed my own passion and desire to pursue a profession on the oceans of the world, and enjoyed immediate success, taking a much-loved recreational pastime and making it my vocation.

Today, our original vision continues strongly, and though I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of that business, Leslie and I continue to share our passion for people, and their growth.

As a result, I continue to support and serve as an affiliate member of this global enterprise, now known as Prosperity Paradigm and that of Magnetic Freedom Global Communities, a meeting place of like-minded entrepreneurs, spearheaded by my friend and colleague, Bob Dignard-Fung.

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Personal Empowerment eBooks ~ download or read online:

Napoleon Hill's 13 Success Secrets Revealed
by Leslie Fieger

A succinct refresher on the success classic, Think & Grow Rich, in today's terms. Concise insights into the profound truths.

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Millionaire Mindset Secrets
by Leslie Fieger

The inside story of the mental mastery tricks Leslie used to go from broke idealist to millionaire realist in less than 365 days.

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