Sandra Fieger

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Sweet Pea Yacht
Froia II
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Canflor Lady
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Björg III
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m/v "Froia II" - 13.75m DuFour A455

Owner Erik Dillerud
Position: Delivery Crew, Mate, Cuba to and through Panama Canal - March-April 2007


"Froia II" Reference

I sailed from Cuba / Cayman Islands / Providencia / St Andres / Panama and through the Canal in my 46 foot sloop April 2007. Sandra was the only crew. Without doubt I will say that she was the very best I ever had onboard my boat in 30 years of sailing. She even fished the 2 tunas she promised me. I will recommend her to anyone thinking about hiring professional crew in the future.

For more details about Sandra's abilities and personality / please feel free to call or mail me anytime you desire.

Erik Dillerud, MD
cpt. s/y Froia II, Norway
Telephones: 47 92292924 47 67115420 47 67115430 870764564188