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Millionaire Mindset Secrets

Millionaire Mindset Secrets

By Leslie Fieger

Leslie Fieger is the author of over 20 self empowerment books, CD's and tapes including the best selling DELFIN Knowledge Trilogy - The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest. This fine work is also known as the seLFTech Success Library. Leslie's writings are now available all in one place Online.

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Millionaire Mindset Secrets by Leslie Fieger is for those who are searching for the answer to the questions: Why am I not successful? and How can I be?

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Leslie Fieger

Millionaire Mindset Secrets contains the Inside Story about the Mental Mastery Tricks Leslie Fieger used to go from broke idealist to millionaire realist in less than 365 days.

This 100% FREE eBook contains 17 essential steps that can be used by anyone who wants to Be, Do and Have more.

The eBook points out in layman terms the truth about the thinking of successful people and compares it to the thinking of the so called average person. It shows seventeen essential steps designed to help you evaluate if what you are thinking serves your future success. It will help you to decide which parts of your thinking have a self-defeating nature.

Reading this free eBook will not make you wealthy. Not anymore than reading about becoming a pilot will allow you to fly. The information contained in Millionaire Mindset Secrets will produce no physical effects if one does not take action on the words they read.

You will no doubt experience contradictory thought patterns whilst absorbing the material in this eBook. This is normal; it is only your current belief systems, existing mindset and your own habitual thinking. Just because you were previously programmed by mediocre minds does not mean that you cannot reinstall the correct methods to being, doing and having it all.

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