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s/v "Sensation", 51' Privilege

Captain Richard Pook
Position: Delivery Crew and Ship's Medic

This is the yacht I delivered with Captain Richard Pook from the Caribbean to Corfu, Greece, to hand over to Captain Mikael Jonsson (with whom I have worked with in Bequia, St. Vincent) and his First Mate, Amanda Stone.



TradeWinds Cruise Club Reference Letter

Sandra Fieger worked with TradeWinds Cruise Club as a First Mate/Hostess aboard S/Y Camille together with me and proved herself an amiable and competent crew member. Her culinary skills were highly regarded and the personal attention she gave her guests was always warmly appreciated.

Sandra also worked in our office and on daycharters in Bequia and then went on to become First Mate/Hostess on one of our yachts in St. Martin.

Sandra was keen to act as delivery crew when we relocated a 51' Privilege catamaran to Europe. During the trip she proved herself a reliable and hard working member of the team.

The company was sad to lose her as she was a professional and diligent First Mate and a great team player. We do, however, support her ambition to develop her career and wish her all the best for the future. I will be more than happy to recommend her.

Best regards,

Captain Mikael Jonsson

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Sensation Atlantic Crossing Reference Letter

Sandra has recently completed a Trans-Atlantic delivery as crew member for me, from St. Martin, West Indies, to Corfu, Greece, a delivery of in excess of 5,000 miles. She was an invaluable, and dependable member of the crew, and showed herself to be extremely capable and enthusiastic in all respects.

She is particularly useful in respect of her medical knowledge, and keen to expand her understanding of both the sailing and technical / maintenance side of boats. She also has a cordless drill and knows how to use it.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for future positions.

Richard Pook

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