Sandra Fieger

My Fair Lady
Sweet Pea Yacht
Froia II
Crystal Blue
Canflor Lady
Shamrock V
Bjrg III
Hand The Line

"Her people and yacht skills were evident from the start..."


"...invaluable, and dependable member of the crew..."


"Good judgement; good boat handling; good sense of humour."


"...she was the very best I ever had onboard my boat in 30 years of sailing."


"...diligent and responsible in carrying out her duties."


"Her varied life experiences and extensive travel knowledge shine through in her personality."


"...find[s] creative solutions with the available resources on hand ..."


"Very willing to undertake any task... uses initiative..."


"...capable, hard working and friendly..."


"...particularly useful in respect of her medical knowledge..."


"She has an aptitude for observation, making her effective in being proactive..."


"...very impressed with her boat handling skills, constant attention to safety and great interpersonal relations with clients."


"...extremely capable and enthusiastic in all respects."


"She has a cordless drill and knows how to use it."


"...a very dedicated individual who would be a great asset to any employer."


"I would not hesitate to recommend her for future positions."


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Sail and Motor Yacht References
Name / Yacht

My Relationship To /
How Do I Know
The Referee

Email / Phone

Captain Hank Baer,
m/v "Summer Breeze"
m/v "Baer Essentials"

Mate and Engineer
USVI, BVI, Ft Lauderdale, Bahamas

+1 954 882 1933

Mark DiSabatinoCaptain Mark DiSabatino,
m/v "Que Sera"

Mate and Assistant Engineer
Pacific Coast USA, Mexico

+1 818 620 0308

Captain Marcel Dekker,
m/v "My Fair Lady"

Mate and Dive Instructor
USVIs, BVIs, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



Sally Wilkins
m/v "Sweet Pea"

Private yacht services agent in St. Vincent and Dominica. Delivery crew St. Martin to Rhodes, Greece. Also worked with in scuba industry in Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies.

+1 (954) 205-9004


Captain / Owner
Erik Dillerud
s/v "Fria II"


Mate / Delivery Crew
Cuba to and through Panama Canal

+(47) 92 29 29 24


Captain / Owner
Greg Allen
m/v "Crystal Blue"


Sportfishing charters
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent
+1 (784) 454-3474

Captain George Mueller,
s/v "Shamrock V"

Reference Letter

Relief Crew
Corfu, Greece

+(33) 61 94 003 91

Captain Richard PookCaptain
Richard Pook
RYA Yachtmaster (Ocean),
Commercially Endorsed

Reference letter

Delivery Crew
St. Maartin, FWI
to Corfu, Greece

St. Martin
+ (599) 522-9920

Trinidad & Tobago
+ (868) 363-2124

Roger Coon,
m/v "Hand The Line"

Reference Letter

Known for over 10 years
Worked with in dive shop, Turks and Caicos.

Mate for private motor yacht, USVIs and Southern Caribbean

+(340) 998-4566

Sandra Fieger and Captain Mikael JonssonCaptain
Mikael Jonsson
TradeWinds Cruise Club
s/v "Sensation"

Reference letter

Worked with in Bequia, St. Vincent on week long sailing charter

Delivered the catamaran "Sensation" to him for a season in Corfu, Greece. He's now back in Bequia.

St. Vincent
+1 (784) 526-4417

Captain Mike HastedCaptain Mike Hasted
m/v "Bjrg III"

Private dive instructor for 3 students aboard "Bjrg III"

+(34) 646 169 270


Dive References

My Relationship /
How Do I Know The Referee

Email / Phone

Kay WilsonKay Wilson,
Owner and Dive Instructor
Indigo Dive
Leslie Gonsalves, 2006

Independent Dive Instructor for Kay's operation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent
+1 (784) 493 9494

Derek Perryman, Captain and Owner
Dive Dominica

Dive Master, Dive Instructor, Snorkeling Instructor and Whale Watch guide

+1 (767) 235 7955

Claire TaylorClaire Taylor, Operations Manager
m/v "Bjrg III"

Reference Letter

One of 3 private dive students aboard "Bjrg III"

+(44) 7821 904 657

Captain Sally Wilkins
s/v "Sweet Pea"
Known for over 10 years in the scuba industry.
+1 (954) 205-9004